Are Daily Payments The Only Option?


A common question we are frequently asked by today's business leaders and entrepreneurs is; Are there other repayment options available to me? The answer is yes although not everyone originating or brokering loans have access to these financing programs. 

Business Loans and Credit Lines today have repayment options that include the common daily remittance, weekly payments and less frequently seen bi-weekly and monthly payment options. The Banks and Private Lenders that offer these options tend to shy away from working with smaller, newer, less credible ISO's (Independent Sales Organization). As you can imagine or have possibly experienced, those lower-tier organizations will tell a business owner that daily payments are all they qualify for or is available to them which pigeonholes the borrower to make a decision based on falsified information. This is unethical for many reasons including fear of loss and greed by these individuals selling the loan products. 

In order to ensure that you or your client are getting evaluated and reviewed for the best business financing options out there, you should conduct the same consumer type of research you do before making a purchase online or in-store personally. Research whom you're talking to by looking up the organization's reviews, ratings, and presence in social media. Does that company have a low rating and only a few testimonials? If so, they're probably not the best fit for you. After all, would you hire a catering company for your next corporate event that has poor reviews or has been fined by the state health board for improper food handling? Probably not. Don't make that kind of mistake when it comes to choosing the right financing partner for your business!

It's best to make decisions only once all options have been discovered and considered.