Is It Safe To Send?

Ever wonder if it's safe to send your personal and business info to someone you've never met? It's a common concern among entrepreneurs who apply for business credit for the first time when lenders and financing companies reach out or whom they find online. 

The information that is shared when applying for business credit is sensitive data. This includes social security numbers, date of birth and addresses, bank statements, tax returns, and sometimes even a list of current customers to name a few. 

There are several steps you can take to protect yourself and ensure you don't fall victim to your information ending up in the wrong hands. When speaking with any financing company you should do your own research to affirm the credibility and established track record of satisfying their customers. It's wise to look at both the positive and negative reviews to make an educated decision if that company is right for you. There's a step further you could take and that's finding out more about the individual you're working with at that organization. Some companies list their employees and short-bios which can give you a better feel of who's talking to you. You can also ask for their LinkedIn profile to see what other professionals say about them.

I have personally assisted nearly 9,000 business owners in their efforts to secure capital for their companies and never once have experienced any incident where their data was compromised. Business Loan Insider has always applied massive attention towards this matter to affirm our commitment of protecting our clients sensitive information. Reach out to me directly and I will work with you or your client to make sure their information is secure and the best options are presented the first time.